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This a place where you can find
good things that feed the body mind
and spirit.

Let me start with a no brag about me,
I am not a doctor, nuclear scantest,
rocket nerd, marcel healer, and I don't
have a stack of degrees hanging on the wall.
Although I do some of them it's strictly
for my own entertanment and in no way am I a expert in
any that stuff.
How some ever I have been doing all that for over
 65 years. GO FIGAR.

I did a camerchel long ago where the camera zooms
up on face and I look up and pull off my glasses and
 say "I'm not a real doctor but do play one on stage
so I know what I'm talking about when I say buy
maxsederom for fast and complete relief, and if you act
 now we will send you two bottles for the price of one".